We Are...

From beginnings as an underground garage brand with a sole purpose for menswear, Jamie Fame has evolved into a refined label for men & women with a distinctive trademark and an obsessive following.

Luxe and Grunge unite in collections that overflow with sub-culture contrasts, rich materials, ironic references and a style of rebellion that is now synonymous with the brand. The highest quality Denim, Leather and Jersey are at the beating heart of Jamie Fame with collections designed to be every-season essentials.

Jamie Fame offers cohesive collections inspired by bold ideas and translated into striking pieces that are daring yet completely refined. Opulent landscapes mix with sex, muted tones and strong symbolism in this label designed for the rebellious spirit in all of us.

Brad Pengelly, founder & self taught designer created Jamie Fame as a creative release and an ode the anti-establishment ideals he lives and breathes. Expressive elements combine with sophisticated silhouettes to create collections that are now available internationally and follow the brand ethos of “DISGUSTINGLY WEARABLE”.

About Jamie Fame